Owning Bucks County real estate affords residents more than a few luxuries. There are always exciting and experiential things to do inside the borders of one of the original counties of Pennsylvania. The nightlife here is bubbly, the cuisine allows tastes from all corners of the world and there’s plenty of options for live entertainment whether at the local watering hole or one of the larger venues in the area. There’s a good amount to do at night and during the day, but there are a few activities that are just coming into season.


The Bucks County Treasurer’s Office began their sale of doe permits on July 11th. Permits are expected to sell out fast as hunters take to the woods to find their game.


With the start of deer season in Bucks County, we thought we’d take a look at the places to hunt and fish in the area.


Nockamixon State Park–  located between Applebachsville and Revere, Nockamixon has it all. As an official State Game Lands, hunters in possession of a permit can take any game that’s in season inside the park. For those uninterested in deer or rabbits, Lake Nockamixon means you can take a boat out on the water to relax or fish. The lake is quite large (1,450 acres) and filled with walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, in addition to many other species of fish.


Ringing Rocks– Located in Upper Black Eddy, Ringing Rocks is the only other Official State Game Lands in Bucks County. Not as large as Nockamixon, the park offers a smaller, quieter experience perfect for small groups or veteran hunters. A small body of water runs along the northwest corner of the park for fishing.


There are a number of other bodies of water all around Bucks County perfect for an afternoon spent fishing. The Delaware River has a number of tributaries to explore and other locations like Tyler State Park contain small bodies of water with plenty of fish to catch.


This year’s Bucks County homes for sale allow prospective buyers to find their own game just around the corner.

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