A Few Pros and Cons of City vs. Rural Life


A Few Pros and Cons of City vs. Rural Life

It’s difficult to really make a decision on where you ought to settle down and commit to homeownership. There are so many different options, and maybe a few of them appeal to you, and you’re not sure which is best. Suburban living was the standard in America for decades, but that trend is starting to fade with many Americans opting to live in apartments within major cities, or rustic homes out in the far reaches of human residence. For some of us, the choice is as clear as day and night, but for those of us who find a bit of something to enjoy out of everything, committing to just one or the other can seem impossible. Still, if you’re questioning whether you want to live in the hustle and activity of the city or the quiet simplicity of rural life, hopefully this list can help you make a decision.

Urban Living

Moving a family to a neighborhood within a major city is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Americans in the past decade. There’s a calling appeal to a myriad of activities and entertainment, clubs and programs for children, employment variety, and endless restaurants and holes in the wall to explore. The city life is for those who like to keep busy, keep life varied, and don’t mind the constant noise and people.


  • More career opportunities
  • More social groups, activities, and programs to engage in
  • Convenient distances for walking and biking
  • Better resources such as phone coverage, broadband, libraries, gyms, and community centers
  • Specific personal interests such as museums, book clubs, nightlife, live music, and more


  • Expensive cost of living
  • Smaller, more expensive homes
  • Noise and light pollution
  • Crowds and congested traffic

Rural Living

The idea of living out in the more rural reaches of the country has drawn its own appeal in recent years. With modern life being such an endless barrage of information and activity, some people look to the outskirts of society to escape all the stress and return to a simpler way of living. While the lack of resources and activities or attractions has its downsides, the affordability and sense of measured pacing can more than make up for it. 


  • Larger, affordable housing
  • Low cost of living from bills to groceries
  • Quiet, paced, less stressful living
  • Chance to own a yard or large stretch of land for your own use


  • Long drives to get anywhere
  • Lack of attractions, resources, and hobby/interest-based groups
  • Limited job opportunities

With some time and maybe some more list writing, anyone can figure out what aspects of both settings that they can live with or live without. With enough thought and consideration, you can distill what truly matters to you in your day to day life and what will ultimately make you happy in your years of establishing your roots and enjoying homeownership.

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