If you went all summer without purchasing the home you wanted, your patience may not have been in vain. Summer real estate is, like the season, as puffy and humid as it can get. These days, you’re seeing more and more weddings scheduled during the coolest months of autumn; and the reason applies to real estate, too. In Bucks County, we have countless homes for sale, ideal for couples who want to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving with an air of majesty and luxury this year.

Without further ado, here are just a few reasons why you should be buying real-estate this fall.

  1. As the temperatures drop, so does the competition. Come fall, all those houses that swelled in price during summer start to wane in value, returning to the sphere of reality. While the traditional sellers and buyers retreat out of superstition, great real estate is still sold in Huntingdon Valley, PA and other regions like Bucks County. Autumn means the serious sellers will be reshuffling and repositioning themselves on the market.
  2. It’s high-season for negotiations. All that cool fall air you’re breathing is auspicious of a power buyer. Most sellers want to sell before the worst of winter, giving you the upper hand in any offers. If you’ve been listing a home for months, you want experts to guide and close it for you. Instead of prolonging the process, they’ll be realistic in terms of prices.
  3. With a great home, a great tax break. You won’t wiggle out of paying your income tax, but autumn is great as far as tax-deductibles go. So long as you purchase by the month of December, property tax and mortgage interest can be deducted from your year’s worth of taxes. If you’re trying to minimize what you owe by April, this is a way to do it, while securing your dream house.
  4. During autumn, you’re the king or queen. Dress however you want on Halloween because you’re practically a duke or duchess during the fall months. Aside from the royal treatment you’ll receive from us, you’ll be served by mortgage lenders, movers, and service professionals without delay. Our realtors will listen to all your requests, making you and your autumn home our top priorities!

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