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A red-haired woman is holding a sparkler and is smiling at an outdoor Christmas festival. She is dressed in green.

Yearly Holiday Happenings in Bucks County, PA

If you and your family are trying to find something to do during the holiday season in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, then you’re in luck! There is no shortage of holiday events in Bucks County for families to experience that last throughout the month of December and into January. Here...

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Block letters spelling HOA (homeowners association) under miniature toy house.

Pros And Cons Of Homeowner Associations

Browsing homes for sale in Bucks County, PA? If so, then chances are that you will encounter many properties governed by homeowners associations (HOAs). In fact, the U.S. Census Department says that up to 80 percent of homes located in new subdivisions and just south of 60 percent of...

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Woman sitting in new home with her first night boxes

What Is A First Night Box?

Buying a new home can be as stressful as it is exciting, from looking at houses for sale to unpacking in your new home. A first night box can make the process less stressful for the whole family and help you enjoy your first night in.

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Fixer upper home for sale in Bucks County

Should I Buy a Fixer-Upper?

Fixer-uppers typically sell for around eight percent under market rate, making them extremely appealing when looking at houses for sale. However, they aren’t for everyone, and, as described below, there are a few things to consider when thinking about buying a fixer-upper.

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Keys with "First Time Buyer" tag

FAQs First-Time Home Buyers Have

Perhaps nothing is more exciting (and scarier) than purchasing your first home. It’s natural to have a million and one questions about the home buying process, and getting answers to your questions can help you make smart decisions, from looking at houses for sale right up through closing day...

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