Choosing a Home That Fits Your Needs


Choosing a Home That Fits Your Needs

There are few decisions in life that carry as much weight to them as choosing a home to purchase. The implications of your decision can last a lifetime, so it’s not unusual to feel the entirety of that gravity on your shoulders as you look at dozens of potential houses in dozens of potential neighborhoods and towns to find the one that will best serve the needs of you and your family. Making an educated decision as a purchaser can be daunting, but working through a checklist to evaluate each home can streamline the whole process and make it just a tad easier whether you’re looking for houses for sale in Bucks County, PA, or elsewhere.

  • Do you plan on this being a temporary ownership that you’ll flip someday or a lifetime investment?
  • If yes to the above, do you hope to pass your property down through generations of family? Is this a property and location that you hope your children will continue to live in?
  • What work situation are you looking to accommodate? If you need to commute, will the time, distance, and level of traffic be worth it, or a wearisome daily grind? If you work from home, will you have a dedicated office space to work from?
  • Will school-age children be a concern? Is the school district in the location commendable? Is it a school district you would want your children to remain in until graduation?
  • Is a new and modern architectural house your preference, or would an older style of home suit you better? Historic homes might be enticing for some, but they also come with a commitment of regular maintenance and problem solving that more recently constructed homes won’t present as often.
  • The above also applies if you intend on renting your property to other tenants. Property maintenance will fall into your realm of responsibility, and an older home will be an investment of upkeep that you will either need to have the ability to fix damages yourself or the means to hire professionals to attend to those matters for you.
  • Is a sizeable yard important to you? Or any yard at all for that matter? What are the local ordinances for your town or district? Will they allow you to use your yard as you intend to?
  • What would an optimal number of bedrooms and bathrooms be for you and your family? A single bathroom might be frustrating for more than three or four residents as schedules conflict during periods of the day where multiple people may need to get ready for work or school.
  • Will parking be an important factor? How many car owners do you expect to be sharing your space with? If street parking is the only option, then any more than one vehicle might be frustrating. A driveway or parking lot would be far more optimal for two or more vehicles on the property.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Montgomery, PA, or nearby counties, the experienced realtors at the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team are here to assist you in finding the home of your dreams. If you would like to contact a team member to assist you with finding that perfect property, then call us now!

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