With every year that passes, there’s another generation of young and ambitious graduates ready to purchase their own homes. Despite all the challenges they’ve bested, there’s always one ahead they haven’t foreseen—be it homeowner’s insurance, befriending the neighbors or more simply, decorating the inside of their homes.

If you’ve been renting a one-bedroom for years, this transition may seem a bit overwhelming at first. After decades of selling real estate in New Hope, PA, and Bucks County as a whole, we have seen it all.

The challenge you’re facing is known as “upsizing,” and it’s definitely a tricky one, but Joseph Bograd and his realtors can handle it with style and professionalism.

Channel Your Creative Juices
If you’re lucky enough to upsize straight from an apartment to a spacious new home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to design and decorate. Now that you’re no longer cramped in someone else’s space, you can make this one truly your own. We say, “Have fun with it, but not too much fun that you’re never done.” In fact, go wild with it—bring out your inner child and think about color, contrast, and mood. Between your bedrooms, closets, hallways, and kitchen, you’ve plenty of canvases for your creativity.

But once you’ve unpacked all your furniture, memorabilia, and artwork, you’ve only filled a fraction of the space available to you.

Be a Savvy Buyernot a Hoarder
Anyone can go crazy buying and filling their home with couches and paintings. Don’t be the eyesore of the town. Divide up your home, room by room, and envision how you would fill it. Once all your existing furniture, artwork, and belongings have been arranged and sorted, measure the empty spaces, then dream on them.

Ponder, Prioritize, and Decorate

By far, your best bet in a living room is a sofa. When guests arrive at your home, they like to be seated somewhere comfortably. Of all the furniture you could possibly buy, the sofa will likely be used the most. After your sofa has crowned your living room, you may think about pairing it with a coffee table, a smaller nearby couch, and even a lamp or two for some late night reading.
If you’d like to upsize and own the space you’ve dreamed of decorating, Joseph Bograd has some exceptionally spacious houses for sale in Bucks County, PA, and surrounding areas.

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