The Benefits of Commuting to Philly


The Benefits of Commuting to Philly

Real Estate in Bucks County, PA is attractive. Properties are large and spacious. Weather is experiential; you can enjoy all four seasons. Communities are lively enough to enjoy a night out, but small enough to enjoy your privacy. It’s historic. It’s beautiful. It’s hundreds of small towns, a short drive from the big city.


Commuting to Philadelphia is a big reason to move to Bucks County, certainly not the only reason, but it certainly has its benefits. Here are a few of the reasons it’s nice to commute.



  • It’s Easy- Sure you can try the back roads, but the major thoroughfares get you up, down and all over quick. If driving isn’t your forte or don’t want to deal with traffic, SEPTA is one of the best public transportation systems in the country. Take regional rail to and from the heart of the city or over to New Jersey. Hop a bus or drive to the EL to get a view above it all from north to south.
  • It’s Good For The Kids- You can be part of some of the best school districts in the country. Philly is a College town too, so teens don’t have to move away to get a great education and a better degree. Best of all, they can experience the culture and the history of the birthplace of liberty and still be home for dinner.
  • It’s Quiet- Philly is a big town, so they don’t roll up the sidewalks when it’s time for you to go to bed. Nightlife in The City of Brotherly Love goes until 2 am virtually every night of the week so getting a restful sleep before a big day can sometimes be a challenge living in the city. The surrounding neighborhoods have a lower population density, so you can see the Liberty Bell without having to worry about all the decibells.
  • It’s Nice- It’s not a secret, Philly is home to cheesesteaks, The Liberty Bell and some very passionate people. Remember when they threw snowballs at Santa Claus? Outside of the city, people are more laid back and more friendly, so you can get to know your neighbors, they might even talk to you after you put a Cowboys decal on your car.



Living in Philly is an experience, but being close by is just as good. If you’re looking into homes for sale in Bucks County, PA these might be a few of the reasons to give us a call.

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