New homes or apartments present a world of possibilities to new tenants or first-time buyers. Bare walls and uncluttered spaces can be a blank canvas for tenants to paint their personalities and truly make this space their own. However, before you get started in your new home, you’ll need to give the building a deep clean.

Below are some tips to get you started when it comes to cleaning your new home.

Clean High to Low

Dust isn’t just prevalent on floors and countertops. Overhead lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, shelving, countertops, and other features close to the ceiling accrue just as much dust as anywhere else. 

The problem is, these areas don’t get cleaned as often, and they tend to sprinkle dust and dirt down onto the space below them when they finally get cleaned. Since the cleaning of these areas will ultimately lead to the area below becoming dirty, it’s best to start at the top in each room and clean downwards.

Make Cleaning the Fridge a Priority

Although some tasks can be put off during the cleaning process, cleaning the fridge isn’t one of them. As soon as you move into your new property, you will need a place to store perishables. Start by sanitizing your new fridge. This should take around 20 minutes if the refrigerator is clear of any food. 

Remove the drawers and shelves and clean these items individually with warm water and soap. For the interior of the fridge, you can make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Use a clean rag to scrub down all surfaces. Make sure that shelves are completely dry before you return them to the fridge. Repeat this process with the freezer.

Now Clean the Rest of the Kitchen

Now that the fridge is clean, you can tidy up the rest of the kitchen. Start with the lighting fixtures, corners of the ceiling, then the tops of the cabinets. Next, clean the appliances, followed by the countertops. Finally, clean out the cabinets, ensuring that they are cleaned both inside and out. Don’t forget to clean the cabinet handles as these can accumulate grease and dirt over time.

Clean the Bathrooms

Cleaning a bathroom is as much about disinfecting as it is about cleaning surfaces until they’re spotless. For the initial scrub-down, all you need is dish soap and a sponge. However, this should be followed up with an antibacterial spray to kill off any lingering germs.

Tackle the rest of the property room by room and leave the floors until last. Soon, your new property will be fit for a king. For more information regarding new property purchases and Montgomery County real estate, click here to contact the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team.